Mostly verbatim.
  1. "I WILL BUILD A WALL. IT WILL BE A GREAT WALL." - Trump, every time
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  2. "Jeb, nobody cares." - Trump
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  3. "I understand why Donald made that proposal (on banning Muslims)." - Ted Cruz
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    In case there was any confusion, this is proof that Cruz is just as xenophobic as Trump.
  4. "Twitter, all the... Rest of it... Snapchat... Have been around for a few years..?" - Carly Fiorina, once a CEO of a software company
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    No wonder she fucked up HP.
  5. "I wanna thank Rand for another 30 seconds." - Rubio, salty af
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  6. "If your eyes are glazed over like mine, this is what it's like to be on the floor of the Senate." - Christie, tryna be relatable
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  7. "Woefully INADEQUATE, no ACCOUNTABILITY, so much BUREAUCRACY." - Fiorina, spittin the hottest SAT vocab words of 2015
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  8. "I would be open to closing some areas of the Internet." - Trump, blissfully unaware of how the Internet works
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  9. "I think Jeb is a very nice person." - Trump
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  10. "Am I talking or are you talking? You're not talking. You need to apologize." - Trump
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  11. "Donald, you're not gonna be able to insult your way to the presidency." - Bush, damn.
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  12. "I hope at some point you're going to ask me about my strategy for defeating ISIS." - Fiorina, salty af.
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  14. "Ah, yes, the... Caliphate... Is... Bad... Destroy!!!" - Carson, probably eating hummus somewhere
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  15. "WE NEED TO LEARN FROM HISTORY" - Cruz, who has not learned from foreign policy regarding boots on the ground since WWI
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  16. "If bad people die, I will not shed a SINGLE TEAR." - Rubio, foreign policy war hawk.
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  18. "Wounded warriors all over the place who I LOVE!!" - Trump, idiot
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  19. "You're not gonna find a finer man than Ben, but I WANTED TO TAKE THE OIL FOR YEARS." - Trump, idiot
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  20. "On airplanes, they always say to put your oxygen mask on first. Then, you help your neighbors." - Carson, with a disarmingly solid analogy
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  21. "I think Assad is a bad guy. A very bad guy. Lots of people killed." - Trump, eloquent
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  22. ✨doing the robot✨
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  23. "I didn't say that about Putin!!" - Fiorina, who definitely said that about Putin
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  24. "F-F-FFFeckless weakling" - Christie, really tryna drop the F bomb
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  25. "I think it's very sad that CNN leads Jeb down a road that attacks ME!" - Trump
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  26. "You're a tough guy, Jeb. REAL TOUGH! I'm at 42 and you're at 3! IM DOING BETTER. You keep moving further and further away from the CENTER OF THE STAGE!" - Trump
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  27. "I've had a lot of experience.. Building things... Organizing things..." - Carson, organized.
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  29. "We need to choose the right choice. Not these false choices." - Carson, intellectual
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  30. "WOMEN CAN BE BAD TOO." - Christie, feminist
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  31. "People accuse me of having such a BIG HEART." - Kasich
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  32. "I called it. I called it very strongly. I'm proud of this. I told you." - Trump
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  33. "Ted has a wonderful temperament. He's just fine. Don't worry about it." - Trump
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  34. "Oh.. Ohio... People from... Ohio.. Oh.. Io.... Ohio." - Kasich
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  35. "I REMEMBER 9/11 TOO!!!!" - Fiorina
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