I'm having a bad Christmas/winter break/last three months, so I'm releasing this cranky draft into the wild 🙃
  1. People who never went through a scene/emo phase
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    Enjoy my first Facebook profile picture, circa 2008. Every time I walk by a Hot Topic, my heart tugs a little bit.
  2. People who choose bowls over cones
    What??? Are you doing??? It's more food for FREE. An e d i b l e ice cream holder. No trash! Think of your environment.
  3. People who prefer kindles
    Okay, Satan.
  4. People who do juice cleanses
    But? Chicken tenders? Mac n cheese? Pasta?
  5. People who enjoyed middle school
    @pili_ervin, I do not trust you. Middle school was misery.
  6. People who refuse to let you kill bugs
    They are 26-eyed germ monsters. Let them die.
  7. People who litter
    Like are you a sociopath
  8. Cat people
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    LOOK at my dog. LOOK AT HIM.