1. What is the appeal of snow globes
  2. Seriously, why has my boyfriend already gifted me two
  3. Do more expensive coffins prevent bugs from getting to your dead body or is it all just a scam
  4. Can the IT department at my workplace see that I have looked at nothing but pictures of young Leo DiCaprio for 45 minutes
  5. Why do all men look adorable when they wake up while I look like a troll
  6. What makes people choose to become middle school teachers
  7. Are we all just pretending like we enjoy salads
  8. Is kombucha a practical joke
  9. Do all women end up eating/drinking away their lipstick after a meal because nobody is talking about it
  10. Do marshmallows that won't melt immediately in my hot chocolate exist
  11. I accidentally stepped on my dogs tail and apologized profusely. Does he understand that I am really sorry