1. Count precisely how many hours + minutes of sleep we'll get from any given moment
  2. Scroll through social media in the dark for 45 minutes and then hate ourselves
  3. If something makes a fart noise, do it again so people definitely know it wasn't an actual fart
  4. Floss, like, 10 times a year
  5. Hold our own boobs for no reason
  6. Think about how people would react to our tragic but selfless deaths
  7. Click the home/wake button on your phone to check the time. Lock phone again. Realize you didn't pay attention to the time. Repeat.
    Suggested by @eamato
  8. Get so bored listening to the options on a voice message that you daydream through them and have to hang up or press 0 or whatever and start over. Inspired by another suggestion. ⬆️
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  9. Look at the person's shoes in the stall next to you. Not for any reason, just cause are bored.
    Suggested by @cordeliane