1. Believes women deserve basic human rights
    A very small proportion of its work (3%) goes into giving women basic reproductive rights. The overwhelming majority goes toward education, sexual health, preventing unwanted pregnancies, regular checkups, etc
  2. Saves lives
    Provides pap smears, pregnancy tests, contraceptives, cancer screenings, etc. Tests and treats 4.5 million+ STIs, including HIV.
  3. Educates women
    Pregnant women, young women, old women, poor women, rich women, sexually active women, sexually inactive women, trans women, trans men, disabled women, curious women, desperate women, black women, white women, Latina women, Asian women, healthy women, sick women, etc.
  4. I know that this list isn't saying anything profoundly new.
  5. But every time something like this happens, I reflect on how grateful I am that the people at PP don't want to actively kill me via automatic weapons and PROPANE TANKS/EXPLOSIVES for my choices, and I donate.
  6. This thanksgiving, please think about the beautiful women around you and how our safety and basic rights to choice (and even life) are threatened.
  7. Also, please remember that it's nearly 2016 and the government is still up in our snatch, thanks.