Inspired by @aus10, dedicated to all the PoC on here, mostly for @anandi (because I deserve to call out your racism without you relentlessly calling me a hateful bitch).
  1. Not being paired up with the only other Asian in your 3rd grade class because the teacher says we're the only ones who can "understand each other."
  2. Not having to realize you're an "other" before you turn 9.
  3. Not constantly dealing with the "Ching Chang chong" comments every day, no matter where you are or who you're with.
  4. Not being told by your "friends" that the guy you're with is only with you because he must have a thing for Asians.
  5. Not being told not to run for a political science convention because students from your southern state probably wouldn't vote for a person of color.
  6. Not hearing things like, "Why is an Asian here?" at sporting events, my middle school dance, the school cafeteria, a bar in Chicago, a bar in Barcelona, a bar in Paris, my neighborhood of 19 years.
  7. Not seeing your father cry for the first time for being passed up for a promotion for 20 years because the committee doesn't see him in a leadership position. You're "too quiet," they said.
    These people had never seen my dad interact and were going off the classic stereotype of the weak, quiet Asian.
  8. Not seeing your mother cry every week from being mocked for her accent, for being harassed for her race from children and grown men and women, alike.
  9. Not having your motivating force for being successful be that you desperately want to send your parents back to Korea where they won't have to be subjected to endless racism anymore.
  10. Not watching your little sister begin to realize that she, too, is different.
  11. Not being spit on by a white man at a gas station for ignoring his racist catcalls.
  12. Not being chased down an empty street by a drunk man who insisted I was a geisha.
  13. Not being sexually assaulted at a frat party and told that I should be grateful because he had never done anything with an Asian before.
  14. Not being told to stop complaining about your racial oppression because you live in the USA, because you own an iPhone, because you have more than $3500 in assets. You are lucky and shouldn't complain.
  15. Not having to police your own tone on The List App. Not having to worry that you're being too "annoying" for people on this app. Not being concerned that too many white people will take this personally. Not constantly being stuck in a place where you are forced to devalue your own voice for the sake of surviving.
  16. Oh, & since @Nicholas' list is up: white privilege is being told to simply block someone who is actively oppressing me. White privilege is when a white man tells me blocking will make my experience "better." That I have to choose between pretending hate isn't there or actively fighting. PoC can't just "learn to stop caring." That's not a solution.
  17. UPDATE: white privilege is also feeling like you don't have to get involved. To all who have been silent, who have not liked/relisted/commented/whatever to publicly show your support to ANY of the tens of lists out there about race, we see you. Must be nice to be able to not care and "avoid conflict." Bye 👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿