If only these personalities had the ability to engage us through this platform.
  1. "THE DUDE" -The Big Lebowski
    The Dude Abides. We could all use the daily perspective of this classic Californian nihilist.... on that note I'm turning this movie on now.
  2. Aunt Jemima
    For her well curated recipes
  3. Indominus Rex
    How would you feel if you grew up alone and the only friends you had were trying to kill you?
  4. A random Storm Trooper
    Don't we all want to know the man behind the...helmet?
  5. Michael Scott
    "I love inside jokes. I would love to be apart of one someday."
  6. The Ghost icon for snapchat.
    A window into everyone's deepest pit of snapchat shame.
  7. The Kool-Aid Man
    "Top five times I tried to break through a wall but instead shattered myself and spllied everywhere."
  8. Frodo
    "This damn sword won't stop turning blue."
  9. Mad Max
    His lists would consist of no words just pure emotion.
  10. Wall-E
    He might not speak but we could finally get his thoughts on humanity.
  11. "Watson" the Jeopardy computer
    Come on.. his lists have GOT to be on point.
    Suggested by @sojka