Here is an assortment of locations I enjoy taking pictures at purely for the sake of my Instagram. Also they double as mostly quiet places to get away from the cluttered life of Los Angeles. Yes all of these are photos from my Instagram.
  1. Mt Wilson Peak
    You can literally drive to the peak of the mountain. Beware of deer, bears, and strange people with alien eyes.
  2. Bombay Beach
    This is on the Eastern edge of the Salton Sea. Lots of crazy history which you should research. But basically the beach isn't made up of sand but rather thousands and thousands of dead fish washed up on shore that created beaches of broken bones. Very pungent smell and highest variety of bird species in North America. Check it out.
  3. Point Dume, Malibu
    Great view, great waves. Usually a few other humans but not a crowded beach. Yes this includes body surfing with seals and dolphins.
  4. Crescent Bay Point Park
    A wild jungle like paradise buried in the suburban depths of a land called Orange County..... but for real it's actually sick.
  5. Waterfalls at Eaton Canyon
    Yes this is a real waterfall. Easy to access on foot. Usually crowded with too many people. Don't climb the rocks, many an over zealous person have died.