There are very obvious flaws in air travel, these are just a few of my personal qualms.
  1. TSA
    My half-used toothpaste is not an explosive, leave my crest alone. My hands don't have invisible explosives on them so don't use your weird lotion and zany machine to check. Why are they're so many of you? First World Fear-Mongering at its finest.
  2. Carry-on bag 'sizers'
    No you cannot force me to gate check my carry-on because it won't fit in your contraption from 1989. IT WILL FIT.... it literally always does.
    I feel sorry for anyone who resembles middle eastern heritage. Airports are the epitome of stereotyping.
  4. Condescending Flight Attendants
    Listen you decided to have this job, please just smile and have a good time. I don't need your attitude or lack luster seat belt application performance.