1. Helping my good friend Steve create the original iMac out of an IKEA washtub and spare Intellivision parts.
    You've never truly known someone until you change the world together.
  2. Donating enough money to my alma mater (Stanford) that they're naming their new Student Disruption Center in my honor.
    In a perfect world, the students will be so inspired by me that they no longer attend classes.
  3. Dating Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman simultaneously.
    1999 was a crazy year for the ol' Pivster.
  4. Creating the idea for the Tesla with Elon while on a LSD binge at burning man.
    Electricity was in the air. Now, it's in our cars.
  5. My son, Steve Jr.
    Lil' Steve really takes after his father. But not my other son, Inspiration, who thinks its ok to bug daddy's friends with his ideas about income inequality. That's bad, Inspiration. Very, very bad.