Announcement: Some Changes

  1. I've been called many things. Genius. Visionary. Techno-Messiah. And now you may call me something new: leader.
  2. As of this morning, my company,, bought out @dev and @bjnovak - making myself the majority shareholder of The List App.
  3. We will roll out new features gradually, but don't worry, your core List App experience will be virtually the same. Here are some of our new services:
  4. List App Platinum
    We will be implementing a $45/year "List App Platinum" service that offers direct access to verified accounts, preferential placement on featured lists, and 3 relists per month from @bjnovak
  5. List App Bronze
    We will also offer an entry level package, "List App Bronze," which retains all the features you currently enjoy for a mere $8 per month.
  6. List App Lyte
    The basic service is now "List App Lyte." You can write 5 lists per month, and have a maximum of 100 followers. A brief 30-second video for a partner service will play every time you launch the app.
  7. Also, all user data will be sold to @BuzzFeed so that they may better target your demographic with ads for Greek yogurt.
  8. We look forward to your overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thank you for providing such a rich and profitable community.
  9. Your leader, Jeremy Pivot