People enjoy silly lists, but when it's time to sell to investors, The Listapp will need more substance. Here's the best directions for them to go in.
  1. Smushr
    A service that will deliver you ants, along with a device to smush them, within 30 minutes, worldwide.
  2. Magicl
    Tinder for Magicians. It's... just terrible.
  3. Shamr
    An app that parents can use to create a fake life/career when asked by others about their disappointing child.
  4. Kaiju
    Gives you control of a real life giant Japanese rubber monster as it destroys the city of your choice.
  5. Flshlght
    A social networking-based flashlight app.
  6. Towl
    3D-printed towels, printed directly from your smartphone.
  7. Woofly
    Yelp for dogs (like, so they can find dog stuff, not so people can find dogs).
  8. Summonr
    On-demand possession from a variety of ancient and horrifying spirits.
  9. Screamr
    A voice transcription app that takes everything you write and then screams it back at you very loudly.
    Suggested by @nokiddin
  10. Dudu - matchmaking app for people who need to pick up dogshit and people who will let you pay them to pick up dogshit
    Suggested by @schwartztastic