Business Advice From My Good Friend Mark Cuban

My good friend Mark has been kind enough to offer to share his business wisdom in a weekly column in my lifestyle app, PVT. Below are some selections from "Taking The World To Pound Town with Mark Cuban."
  1. "Sometimes a fist can say a lot more than words can. But try telling that to Joe Biden's security detail."
  2. "We all have something inside of us that's special. For me, it's about a pint of Tequila and a take-no-shit attitude."
  3. "I bought a M-1 Abrams from the government with the concession money from the Mavs. I call it the Mark Tank."
  4. "I've cried three times in my life: when James Harden punched me in the dick, when Shark Tank premiered, and that one time when my mom made some bangin' turkey meatloaf."
  5. "The secret to dating is being able to pay the authorities to deport them if it doesn't work out."
  6. "Sometimes life tries to get you down. That's when Ol' Cuban sacks up and buys a boat made entirely of Faberge eggs. Shit's tight."
  7. "Remember the golden rule: gold is really fucking heavy, so make sure your Louis Vuitton suitcase can handle the load."
  8. "I love Vegas. Not because of the gambling or the strippers or the parties. Rather, I love being able to watch hard working, every-day Americans get into fistfights next to pools."
  9. "A wise man once told me 'Mark, there's two kinds of people in this world. People who take shit, and people who make shit.' I still don't understand what he meant."
  10. "Always pay your utility bills on time. Otherwise, the city of Dallas WILL cut the lights to your basketball team's home opener."