My good friend Mark has been kind enough to offer to share his business wisdom in a weekly column in my lifestyle app, PVT. Below are some selections from "Taking The World To Pound Town with Mark Cuban."
  1. "Sometimes a fist can say a lot more than words can. But try telling that to Joe Biden's security detail."
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  2. "We all have something inside of us that's special. For me, it's about a pint of Tequila and a take-no-shit attitude."
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  3. "I bought a M-1 Abrams from the government with the concession money from the Mavs. I call it the Mark Tank."
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  4. "I've cried three times in my life: when James Harden punched me in the dick, when Shark Tank premiered, and that one time when my mom made some bangin' turkey meatloaf."
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  5. "The secret to dating is being able to pay the authorities to deport them if it doesn't work out."
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  6. "Sometimes life tries to get you down. That's when Ol' Cuban sacks up and buys a boat made entirely of Faberge eggs. Shit's tight."
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  7. "Remember the golden rule: gold is really fucking heavy, so make sure your Louis Vuitton suitcase can handle the load."
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  8. "I love Vegas. Not because of the gambling or the strippers or the parties. Rather, I love being able to watch hard working, every-day Americans get into fistfights next to pools."
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  9. "A wise man once told me 'Mark, there's two kinds of people in this world. People who take shit, and people who make shit.' I still don't understand what he meant."
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  10. "Always pay your utility bills on time. Otherwise, the city of Dallas WILL cut the lights to your basketball team's home opener."
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