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  1. Factory Farming
    Why shouldn't raising hundreds of thousands of animals for slaughter be any different than using Tinder? Slaughtr, from the creators of Uber, allows users to slaughter their own livestock then sell it directly to consumers through an Android-powered app, completely cutting Big Farm out of the picture.
  2. War
    Why shouldn't going to war be as easy as playing Minecraft? Warly, from the creators of Crossy Road, privatizes the armed forces of the world, allowing for on-demand invasion at a fraction of the cost of a traditional war. America's true leaders, the tech elite, could actively disrupt Big Government around the world using crowd-sourced bonds and 3-D printed weapons.
  3. Adoption
    Why shouldn't finding a child to adopt be as easy as getting a Lyft? Famly, from the creators of Snapchat, pairs prospective parents with locally-sourced children to create a positive change in our communities.
  4. Humanitarian Relief
    Why shouldn't helping those displaced by war and famine be any different than ordering Sugarfish from Postmates? Helpr, from the creators of DubSmash, connects uses to those in need and allows for micro lending around the world. Helpr takes a small, 70% cut of every transaction.
  5. Automotive Buying
    Why shouldn't buying a car be as easy as ordering Soylent? Car.fm, from the creators of LinkedIn, streamlines the process by offering base model vehicles that offer in-car purchases. That way, the consumer can decide exactly what vehicle they need.