A smart modern businessman recognizes opportunity in all places. As part of my portfolio, I have invested in a variety of domain names.
  1. JeremyPivot.com
  2. Dallascowboys.com
    Jerry Jones leases it from me.
  3. Aynrandkids.com
    For my eponymous children's book series.
  4. Teslaplatinum.com
  5. Elonmuskdickpic.com
    They exist. And they're TERRIBLE.
  6. Internet.com
    The first domain I ever bought. Yahoo leases it to sell generic pills to seniors and the infirm.
  7. Stevejobsinafreezer.biz
    .com was taken.
  8. Christmas.com
    This one is a great seasonal moneymaker.
  9. Fucksergey.io
  10. Nuclearcodes.us
    Definitely NOT used by the CIA as a honeypot against Chinese and Russian hackers. That would just be ridiculous.
  11. Markcubansexparty.com
    Mark requested I buy this one but give him admin privileges.
  12. Yougoudabekiddingme.com
    For an artisanal cheese shop I'm launching in SoMa.