Highlights From the "Further Future" Festival

For those of you who haven't been, Further Future is like Burning Man, except with way less penniless hippies and way more TurMoneyEn (a Turducken where the duck is replaced with hundred dollar bills). I spent the last month there really finding myself.
  1. Elon Musk really stepped up his game, providing the festival with thousands of beautiful, Tesla-branded replicants.
  2. This is the fuck tent. Everybody loves the fuck tent.
  3. Complimentary metallic angel wings
  4. The great thing about this festival is that it combines the affordability of San Francisco with the comfort of the Nevada desert.
  5. Everyone gets excited for the talent show! Eric Schmidt wowed the crowd by lifting a VW Jetta using only his penis.
  6. Who needs Coachella when you could be surrounded by hundreds of fellow developers and Europe's finest prostitutes under a baking desert sun?
  7. Evan Spiegel takes a moment to remind everyone that Snapchat has eaten the heart of traditional media, therefore gaining its power.
  8. Mushroom Kyle made sure EVERYONE was having a good time.
  9. Everyone gets to fuck Professor Electrobot after the talent show.