In the Bay Area, there's one problem that faces us every time we ride in our self-driving Teslas or take a relaxing hover-board trip to La Boulangerie: chronic homelessness. Thankfully, a brilliant, dynamic influencer has a few ideas to turn out area's biggest nuisance into a reliable income generator. Here's my plan.
  1. Use the latest in bio-mechanical technology to install wifi hubs and charging stations inside their bodies.
    I, for one, would be much more willing to hand over my hard earned Bitcoins to a bum on the street of I was first able to use his life force to charge my iPhone 6s.
  2. Build a floating city that hovers a mile above San Francisco proper.
    The movie Elysium had it right. A floating sky city would be the perfect way to separate ourselves from the literal huddled masses below. And since there's no place for them in our gleaming megalopolis, they will move somewhere more affordable like Somalia or Michigan.
  3. Create cloaking technology to cover up blight.
    Why should invisibility cloaks only belong to boy wizards? Using an intricate network of cameras, mirrored panels and the latest military-grade camouflaging, we will literally be able to look through the homeless.