Inspired By My Good Friend Peter Thiel, I Am Looking For Lawsuits To Bring Against

The great thing about being fabulously wealthy is that you can dick people over for, like, no reason. So, have you been indirectly harmed by in any way? Allow me to bankroll your lawsuit so I can scoop up whatever remains of the company for a song post-verdict.
  1. For Slander as Hulk Hogan isn't listed as #1 on this list Top Five Pro Wrestlers
    Suggested by   @mallofamanda
  2. I am now banned from all Jo-Ann Fabric's locations...
    ... because they were NOT actually accepting boob flashes in place of coupons, nor were the quilting squares "wipe with one, get one free." False advertising, @joannfabrics . Thanks a lot.
    Suggested by   @silverwolf634
  3. Too. Much. Tacos Por Favor.
    Suggested by   @Nicholas
  4. You liked the old logo better.
    Suggested by   @dev
  5. The term "Listroduce" has caused me great emotional distress and anal leakage.
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  6. Remuneration for every passive aggressive and/or catty list that has been inflicted upon me/the public
    Suggested by   @dcerruti
  7. I have sudden and uncontrollable urges to stalk BJ Novak.
    Suggested by   @derek_
  8. Let's just say that I'm the secretary of the... MEASUREY and helped an escort blackmail my brother.
    Suggested by   @jduganbarrett
  9. Feeling peer pressured to watch 'The Office'
    Suggested by   @element75
  10. @andycohen being a no show at @list Live and breaking my fragile heart!
    With zero explanation. I'm still not over it @dev!
    Suggested by   @element75
  11. Unlawful featuring
    Or sue for disclosure of algorithm on picking feature lists (c/c @jessicaz). NO I'M NOT OBSESSED OR BITTER. I AM NOT!
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  12. Not staying in beta forever
    Or at least not giving us betas a special tab
    Suggested by   @sam