My good friend Larry Page and I have a movie night every week at his home IMAX theatre. Sergey joins us sometimes, but I much prefer when it is just the two of us.
  1. The Social Network
    Watched this for the first time at Larry's with the Zuckster. Great score, and that Jess Eisenstein guy does a pretty good Zuckerberg impression. Not sure how he survived Boston. I went there once to inspire a classroom full of MIT students to create a brighter tomorrow and did NOT care for the city.
  2. The Net
    Total camp classic. Sandra Bullock ordering pizza on the internet! People in the past were so stupid.
  3. The Internship
    LOVE this movie. Full of warmth, a genuine look into what life at Google is really like. The only downside was Sergey's cameo. I really don't like him.
  4. Hackers
    Fun fact: Angie found two of her children using a pre-alpha build of my Famly app. Larry's a big fan of Fischer Stevens ever since they rescued a pod of dolphins together off the coast of Kagoshima.