Names I Considered for My Children

My boys Inspiration and Steve Jr. are very important to me (especially Steve Jr.) but, before they came into this world, there were a great deal of other names I was considering.
  1. Disruption Pivot
  2. Stanford Pivot
    I'm a legacy, but anything to help the little guys get in and then subsequently drop out.
  3. Linux Pivot
  4. Crush Pivot
  5. Palo Pivot
  6. Cloud Pivot
  7. Dvorak Pivot
  8. Soma Pivot
  9. Alto Pivot
  10. Mavericks Pivot
  11. Tech Crunch Pivot
  12. Chrome Pivot
  13. i Pivot
  14. Torrent Pivot
  15. Paradigm Pivot
  16. Snow Leopard Pivot
  17. Sergey Pivot
    JKLOL Sergey sucks.