Overheard at Davos

  1. "Can I borrow your HBO go login? I mean, I LIKE Game Of Thrones, but I'm not sure I $14.99-a-month LOVE it."
    Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director
  2. "I'm living proof that determination tops talent, every time. Now, let's get out there and sell some headphones."
    Will.I.Am, Gadabout
  3. "Anyone have change for a gold brick? The vending machine won't take it and I REALLY want some Famous Amos."
    George Soros, Billionaire
  4. "Henry Paulson just spent the past hour trying to get to second base with me. Total fuckboi."
    Janet Yellen, Head of the Federal Reserve
  5. "The economy has two speeds: shit-your-pants excitement, and shit-your-pants despair. Either way, you're buying new pants."
    Warren Buffet, Investor
  6. "Greeting sirs or madams. I have an incredible opportunity for your fortune and blessings from the Royal Bank of Nigeria."
    Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian President
  7. "What the fuck kind of Swiss economic summit doesn't have Toblerone? Fucking disgraceful."
    Carlos Slim, Telecom Magnate
  8. "I will outlive you all from my martian death-fortress. Peace, mortals."
    Elon Musk, Supervillian