My good friend Steve Jobs was almost as much of a dynamic genius as I am. It's not every day I meet my intellectual equal, and it saddens me terribly to see some of Apple's missteps in the wake of his death.
  1. Rose Gold iPhone
    Oh, goodie. Finally, a phone specifically for ASU sorority girls. Steve HATED the color rose gold. He was much more of a white gold fan. Savages.
  2. Apple Pencil
    Steve said it best: "If you see a stylus, they blew it." Really, Tim? You're going to go after Android with a pencil? Steve would be crying tears of shame if they wouldn't immediately freeze in the sub-zero temperatures of his cryo-pod. By which I mean grave.
  3. Apple Watch
    If you knew Steve as closely as I did, you knew that he believed the future was in injectables, not wearables. I'm supremely disappointed I'm not getting my yearly Apple shot.