I saw a screening of "Steve Jobs" tonight in Larry's private theatre. Here are my thoughts.
  1. Seth Rogen was an inspired choice to play Wozniak
    Much life Seth Rogen, Woz loves weed and once rode out the apocalypse at James Franco's house.
  2. I'm disappointed that I was cut out of the "iMac Launch" sequence
    Danny Boyle hired Channing Tatum to portray me during the sequence set in 1998, but Channing couldn't nail my combination of visionary creativity and stunning leadership. Oh well.
  3. Aaron Sorkin left out Steve's constant, borderline obsessive use of the word "Jabroni"
    I get that Sorkin wanted to put his own spin on things, but it's not Steve if he's not constantly referring to everyone and everything as "Jabroni."
  4. Steve originally wanted two gorillas kissing on the iMac screen
    He said it would send the message that our competitors were lower forms of life who wanted to have sex with each other. I convinced him that a shark was the right move.
  5. Steve WAS inspired to create the iPod by his daughter's cassette player
    For the next two months after the product launch, Steve screamed "1000 songs in your pocket!" at full volume, eighteen hours a day.
  6. The character "Lisa" is actually a composite of the various children Steve had and then ignored and then grew to love throughout his life
    I believe the final count was sixteen. Steve was... potent.