I've been in the three comma club for most of my adult life. Now that there's a few of us, we decided to put together a social organization to celebrate that fact. Here's how the top 1% of the top 1% joins the Three Comma Club
  1. Eat an entire gilded tureen of Beluga caviar while reciting lines from "The Social Network"
  2. Purchase smaller yacht, have it run over by larger yacht
  3. Innovate a way to drink an entire handle of Kettle One without puking
  4. Create a billion-dollar valuation out of only a pack of gum, some copper wire, and your wits
  5. Sneak into Governor's mansion, upper deck at least 6 toilets
  6. Make love to Tesla Roadster while everyone watches and cheers you on
  7. Take cleansing Soylent bath
  8. TP Sergey's house