1. Bypass Santa directly by hiring team of underpaid little people to make you garments and electronics on demand.
  2. Beat "Big Eggnog" at their own game by combining pancake mix, Solent, and bourbon into a drinkable slurry.
  3. Replace reindeer-based toy distribution with Amazon drones.
  4. Put on pageant dedicated to our new lord and savior: dedicated cloud-based workflow analysis algorithms.
  5. Instead of opening gifts in Christmas morning, open a new self-driving car factory in New Mexico.
  6. Genetically engineer a sentient Christmas tree, teach it how to decorate itself.
  7. Create your own Christmas movie by purchasing rights to Home Alone from 20th Century Fox and reshooting it with your kids using your iPad.
  8. Rather than wrapping gifts, destroy your loved ones eyesight Christmas Eve, only to restore it using lasers Christmas morning when gifts are presented. It's a Christmas miracle!