I am one of the more creative human beings on Earth, but even I need a little help now and then. Here's how I stimulate my creativity
  1. Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee)
    It's coffee that has previously been ingested by civets in the jungles of Borneo. $500 a pound. It's the natural version of the sharing economy.
  2. Free-Trade Cocaine
    I like my cocaine like I like my coffee: curated by a mom and pop couple in Berkley. I don't have to feel any guilt, because it's American made. Gets me CRANKED for disruption.
  3. Kombucha Enema
    My good friend Evan turned me onto this one. The probiotics give you all the energy you need to crush it.
  4. Soylent Gold
    It hasn't gone wide yet, but you're going to love Soylent Gold when it's available. Made of a proprietary blend of yeast and caffeine, Soylent Gold allows you he strength of mind to shift the paradigm of your life.
  5. Reading my autobiography "Crush, Kill, Destroy: Why Humanity Owes A Debt Of Honor To Jeremy Pivot"
    $59.99 on Amazon.