Reasons I should move to Canada asap

  1. Emily is there.
  2. I loved living there before.
  3. It would be a great adventure.
  4. More possibilities.
  5. Justin Trudeau.
  6. Justin Bieber.
  7. I need to go somewhere new.
  8. Things are cheaper there.
  9. People think I'm funnier there.
  10. I could wash my hands of the inevitable EU exit.
  11. Lots of Americans are doing it.
  12. It's probably better being Scottish there.
  13. It's big.
  14. Lots of things are filmed there.
  15. Hannibal was filmed there.
  16. People are nicer there.
  17. The money is fun to look at.
  18. I am comparatively better at football.
  19. It's not as elitist.
  20. I can be an immigrant and enjoy living off benefits/stealing jobs and/or women.
  21. They have lots of weird animals and birds.
  22. Their national anthem isn't focused on how much they hate another country.
  23. Wolverine is from there.
  24. The countryside is beautiful.
  25. The time difference means it's more acceptable getting up five hours after everyone else.