1. Target’s One Spot
    I’m thankful for Target’s One Spot, without which I would spend more than $25 on unnecessary crap that will gather dust and provide fodder for my husband and I to argue over.
  2. Unfulfilled gym memberships
    I’m thankful for unfulfilled gym memberships, which are constant reminders that I wanted to better myself, but lacked the follow through to do so. At least I haven’t totally given up.
  3. My two dogs
    I’m thankful for two beautiful dogs, who love to lick themselves in private places and share that joy by trying to lick me in the mouth.
  4. Not starting a book series until the last book has been released
    I’m thankful that I didn’t start reading The Lunar Chronicles series until the last book was ready to be released, so I don’t have to learn patience or feel the… joy?... of anticipation. Immediate gratification.
  5. Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
    I’m thankful for Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, because it is the perfect holiday movie and if you disagree you are a monster.
  6. Having gross dogs
    I’m thankful for my dogs again, who willing (and excitedly) eat my cat’s throw up. Thanks dogs, now I don’t have to clean that up.
  7. The new Star Wars movie
    I’m thankful that the new Star Wars movie is coming out soon, so I can stop watching the trailers and my husband will stop talking about it.
  8. My husband
    I’m thankful for my husband, because without him my feet would be forever cold, and I would have no one with whom to argue the finer points of Star Wars.
  9. Working at the library/book shame
    I’m thankful that I work for the library, because I check out a new book roughly every day, and promptly refuse to read it. But it makes me feel very well read to have the intention of reading so many wonderful books.
  10. Coffee
    I’m thankful for coffee, without which I would absolutely need some sort of prescription drugs to be normal.
  11. My patient, patient family
    I’m thankful for my family, who had to deal with me when I was an insanely clingy baby, an insanely emotional teenager, and, yeah, an insanely emotional adult. They can probably blame some years of therapy on me.