Honeymoon in CA 8/8/16

San Fran and beyond
  1. Holy crap we are married
  2. Umami for lunch (not as good as In-N-Out)
  3. Fisherman's Wharf (TOURISTS)
  4. Drink beer
  5. Stay in a bomb ass pent house suite
  6. Painted Ladies...are aging
  7. Full House house...of course
  8. Get a really expensive massage
  9. Food Trucks are a must
  10. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge (windy as a mother)
  11. Go to Whole Foods bc you aren't from San Fran if you don't
  12. Drink Pliny at Russian River
  13. Go to Sonoma and take pictures of grapes
  14. Go to as many wineries as possible
  15. Cool winery Pech Merle
  16. Idk
  17. Korbel
  18. J...obviously
  19. Banshee
  20. Bodega Bay! Too foggy:(
  21. Touch the Pacific Ocean!
  22. In-N-Out (Some fatty ate the one on the right)
  23. When was this picture taken??
  24. CREAM
  25. 10 seconds before he freaks out
  26. Alcatraz tour only for my husband
  27. The only thing he liked about this trip was the stupid robe
  28. Get delayed a day in Chicago