We'll just see what happens with this
  1. I just read through the lists of all 2 friends I currently have on this app.
    And they are real-life friends too!
  2. I have no idea if I am funny.
  3. I want to be funny! And have my lists be enjoyable and people want to come back!
  4. But I also have the world's weirdest sense of humor so idk how people will respond to that.
    For instance, once my friend was burning a candle and I asked what scent it was. She said it was "Champagne Toast," and I immediately started laughing. My friend was confused, because rather than think of a toast at, say, a wedding, my mind jumped to champagne toast but like bread cooked in champagne. Like French toast. But champagne.
  5. So yeah! My sense of humor (along with my neuroticism) will come into play with this app.
  6. So keep up with my lists! I aim only to please and entertain.
  7. Giphy