I'm limiting myself to 3 characters per show at the most or else I'd have pretty much the whole cast of Arrested Development and The Office on here.
  1. Tobias Fünke -Arrested Development
  2. Lucille Bluth -Arrested Development
  3. Gob Bluth -Arrested Development
  4. Michael Scott -The Office
  5. Dwight Schrute -The Office
  6. Angela Martin -The Office
  7. Bob Belcher -Bob's Burgers
  8. Tina Belcher -Bob's Burgers
  9. Sterling Archer -Archer
  10. Malory Archer -Archer
  11. Elaine Benis -Seinfeld
  12. George Costanza -Seinfeld
  13. Kramer -Seinfeld
  14. Larry David -Curb Your Enthusiasm
  15. Charlie Kelly -It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  16. Dennis Reynolds -It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  17. Henry Pollard -Party Down
  18. Ron Donald -Party Down
  19. Randy Marsh -South Park
  20. David Brent -The Office (UK)
  21. Britta Perry -Community
  22. Dean Pelton -Community
  23. Rick -Rick and Morty