1. If you bought angel hair you're wrong. Angel hair is the worst.
  2. Buy De Cecco
    De Cecco is by far the best of the large commercial pasta brands so get that over just about anything else.
  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil
  4. Add salt
    Not like a pinch either. That will do nothing. You need a large handful of salt, enough that would make you think the whole dinner will be grossly over-salted. The point is that the pasta absorbs some of the salt but not all. There's nothing worse than an under-salted plate of pasta.
  5. Keep that olive oil away from the pasta water. You don't need to add it and it's a waste of oil so stop doing it.
  6. Add spaghetti
  7. Wait and start checking it about a minute or so before the suggested cooking time is up
    Bite a piece and if it's almost fully cooked but has just the slightest bit of firmness in the middle it's perfect. This is called al dente and it's what you want.
  8. Strain the spaghetti
    Don't let it sit in a strainer for five minutes minutes and please don't run cold water over it. My favorite way to do it is to use tongs to take the spaghetti from the pot to the pan where your (I'm hoping homemade) sauce is waiting for it
  9. Save that pasta water!!!
    It can go a long way to add just a bit of that starchy water to your pasta and sauce. It helps marry the two and creates a thick and slippery sauce.
  10. Mix the spaghetti and sauce in a pan over low heat
    Please don't put your naked spaghetti on a plate then toss the sauce on top. This makes for sad, cold, sticky pasta. By tossing it with the sauce in a pan you allow every surface of the pasta to be coated with your delicious sauce.
  11. Now you can put your pasta on a plate and enjoy it!