I'm always looking for new comedians so please make suggestions
  1. Pete Holmes
    Was lucky enough to see him last fall. His podcast, You Made it Weird, is also one of my favorites. Hilarious and insightful.
  2. Hannibal Buress
    Just the way he talks (maybe it's his cadence, I can never quite place it) cracks me up. He kills it on Broad City too.
  3. TJ Miller
    Do yourself a favor and YouTube some of his morning talk show appearances.
  4. Louis CK
    Comedy God
  5. Rory Scovel
    I love his creativity in his stand-up. There's a great video of him doing 20 minutes in a German accent.
  6. Kumail Nanjiani
    Like Hannibal, the way he talks kills me.
  7. Aziz Ansari
    Watch Buried Alive on Netflix.
  8. John Mulaney
    His bits are so well-constructed and thought-out. Check out New in Town.
  9. Eugene Mirman
    His fake-angry yell might be my favorite.
  10. Kyle Kinane
    The best at romanticizing sad, lonely situations.