Feel free to add suggestions!
  1. Being at a restaurant with a group of people and there's one more appetizer on the table.
  2. Hanging out with a couple and they get into a fight.
  3. Hanging out with my parents and they get into a fight.
  4. When I want to change one of my coworkers' pandora stations.
  5. Waving someone through an intersection only to have them wave you through.
  6. Recommending a movie to watch with my parents and completely forgetting about the extremely graphic sex scene.
  7. Splitting checks with large groups of people.
    Venmo has helped tremendously with this one.
  8. Being in a very public setting with that one friend that I know is going to say something very inappropriate at the worst possible time.
    i.e. they will definitely say something about the service at a restaurant while the server is walking behind them.
  9. Being in a group of people and one of them mentions a party/event that someone in the company specifically wasn't invited to.
  10. Having a friend ask to come with me to an event that isn't +1/open invite