Spent My Morning in a Illegal Migrant Worker Warehouse

Few of my prospects started a job packaging cigars so I'd thought I'd try it out and make some quick cash.
  1. Woke up at 4:30 am
    Cesar called to wake me up and let me know we where the only ones heading to Work at the warehouse.
  2. Hopped on the 405 north bound
    Usually the 405 north is packed in the mornings but that doesn't start till 6:00 am. So we where way ahead of the daily commuter traffic.
  3. Pull in to a parking lot surrounded by warehouses.
  4. Warehouse opens at 6:00am meet the "manager" his name is Sandy
    Sandy was a short white man looked to be in his late 40s. He had huge glasses and a head so bald the fluorescent lights would reflect off of it. Sandy was kind of rude and didn't seem to put up with much.
  5. Start to prep everything to begin work a couple dozen non English speaking Hispanics show up and start working
  6. They start pulling pallets and boxes of extendo blunt wraps
  7. Learn how to properly sticker and package the extendo wraps.
  8. Find out the hours and wage
    Everyone working there received $90 a day for 11 hours of work .
  9. Realize it was an illegal sweatshop
    Not only where the people being way under paid. They where being over worked not allowed any breaks but one 30 minute lunch .
  10. Felt terrible seeing people taken advantage of
  11. I left
    Couldn't handle seeing people allowing their selves to be taken advantage of. They had no choice but to work a shitty job with terrible hours because it was all under the table. I ordered a uber and left as my friend stayed to continue working.