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Lisa (mom), Dani (oldest), Jessi (middle), Nicki (youngest)
  1. Sarcasm is our first language, so if you can't understand it or don't use it you will fail.
  2. We make fun of everything, there is no time for any type of seriousness.
    (When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING.)
  3. We never finish sentences because we know what each other is saying.
    (You gotta be able to figure it out.)
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These are just the ones on my camera roll. We have busy lives but contact one another in some way everyday and when we are together we "ussie"
  1. Her lunch break
  2. I bought her an Irish friendship ring
  3. We took her niece home. Peace.
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I work in a correctional facility.
  1. 1.
    "Oh, you are new."
    Inmates and staff
  2. 2.
    "You seem like a nice and fun person."
    I smile a lot but that's more or less something I do because I am biting my tongue or have nothing to say. I crack jokes about everything as well.
  3. 3.
    "You have office skills, that's awesome."
    Apparently this is a skill not many have.
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  1. I taught him well
  2. We took some old time photos
  3. Always read to your children
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When you can only think of, "too honest it may or will have negative results," things to say.
  1. Repeat what they say in a tone that sounds concerned or questioning the words as if you feel perplexed.
    This causes them to continue speaking because they probably don't care what you have to say about what they are talking about.
  2. Just nod in a way you know seems acceptable in context to their situation.
    It shows you're listening. Even if you want to check out with truthful comments.
  3. Make comments about them being in their situation, never compare their situation to anything related.
    Use the word "you" and never "I"
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  1. 1.
    Texting my bestie about what to wear. It made me laugh.
  2. 2.
    Sitting with my husband in a restaurant and being able to finish a conversation.
  3. 3.
    When I walked into mom's after dinner and all my boys were super excited to see me.
  1. Grandma's house was cold.
  2. One of my farm boys keeping it real.
  3. My baby is a lefty.
  4. My bestie and I after a concert.
3 years I have been a stay at home mom to Dylan (7), Seth (4), and Liam (2). We have had just enough $$$ to pay bills, food, hoping nothing huge came up. Any extra money was from me doing hair at home or for events (all this money went to the boys stuff). I will be starting the career I have been working toward the last 8 years, in two weeks.
  1. Will my boys be ok????????
    I know they will be but I have thoughts and worries about all of a sudden moms not next to them.
  2. How will my boys get to activities and extra curricular stuff?
  3. I'm so excited!!
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  1. My mom has pallets and wants an adult hang out in her backyard.
  2. I like to build stuff and this would be a great storage/ seating for play room.
  3. I was explaining perm sections and wrapping to a friend. I am doing a perm later and don't do perms like this. I don't section, I don't wrap tight, I do use different size rods, and I roll the hair over the rods in multiple directions; causing a more natural curl/wave instead of poodle look.
  1. I hadn't had an alcoholic beverage in 3 months, thought it was time.
  2. My middle son, Seth, makes drums out of everything.
  3. 9:30 am soccer game 44 degrees out. Fun times.
    Calm down we were on our lane (long drive way to house). Stopped! I just was in hurry.
  4. Showing my finished hair and makeup for family photos.
    The finger is not covering anything. The content was what do you think, I think it's ok.