3 years I have been a stay at home mom to Dylan (7), Seth (4), and Liam (2). We have had just enough $$$ to pay bills, food, hoping nothing huge came up. Any extra money was from me doing hair at home or for events (all this money went to the boys stuff). I will be starting the career I have been working toward the last 8 years, in two weeks.
  1. Will my boys be ok????????
    I know they will be but I have thoughts and worries about all of a sudden moms not next to them.
  2. How will my boys get to activities and extra curricular stuff?
  3. I'm so excited!!
  4. How will the new funds be handled?
    Our income is jumping up considerably. Pay off debt and safe money is my goal.
  5. I want new washer and drier.
    Ours is over 25 years old.
  6. Want boys to have some of their wants and all their needs.
  7. Will I get sleep?
  8. How will my relationship with husband change?
  9. Am I going to have me time?
  10. The biggest one though is will my boys be ok? I worry and think about this the most.