I will enjoy a latte from the following San Francisco establishments
  1. Blue Bottle Coffee on Linden Street
  2. The Mill
  3. Réveille in the Castro
  4. Four Barrel
  5. Wrecking Ball Roasters
    Most baristas make their latte with whole milk unless otherwise specified. Wrecking Ball prefers to make their latte with 2%, which is criminal in my opinion. If you are a whole milk kind of guy or gal, you need to ask for it.
  6. Blue Bottle in Mint Plaza
  7. Pinhole Coffee
  8. Piccino Coffee
  9. Saint Frank
  10. Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building
  11. Réveille in North Beach
  12. Réveille Truck
  13. Linea Caffe
  14. Ritual in Hayes Valley
  15. Ritual in the Mission
  16. Sightglass Coffee outer Mission
  17. Andytown
  18. Sightglass Coffee
    Suggested by @eatthelove