I'm having a bad day, so I'm taking time out for gratitude.
  1. I own 4 pieces of furniture and one of them is a comfy chair.
  2. My cat who knows when I'm sad and snuggles up, purrs and then scratches me. (He's gotta keep it real.)
  3. A breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese.
  4. My best friend, who inspires me with her courage and has become my biggest support during this rough time.
  5. A roof over my head while I continue to be divorced, broke and unemployed.
  6. Upcoming job interviews - while I'm scared to death of sucking at the interviews and of the stress that will come from getting hired, I'm hopeful about the future.
  7. Coffee and ADD medication that let my brain almost work normally.
  8. The gym and my personal trainer for letting me find and develop my physical strength again.
    (Also, my credit cards for allowing me to "pay" for personal training while I'm broke AF)
  9. My body for working better than ever, being strong and not giving up on me.
  10. Mindful breathing (when I remember to do it) because it helps me to get through the tough moments.