One year ago, I left my husband. It felt like I spent the year in bed doing nothing... because I did a lot of that...but actually I accomplished a lot. Here's my list:
  1. Lost 30 pounds and 3 sizes.
  2. Can now deadlift 210 pounds and hold a plank with 55 pounds on my back. (I don't want to discuss my biceps... They are still weak AF)
  3. Can now run a mile, slowly, but multiple times a week.
  4. Spin class has become my bitch.
  5. My entire iTunes library is organized. (No easy feat!)
  6. Took a real vacation.
  7. Went on multiple road trips.
  8. Spent lots of time with friends.
  9. Started dating, got laid, had the best sex of my life so far.
  10. Got a therapist and started working on self-care and self-compassion.
  11. Got a new tattoo.
  12. Binge watched at least 15 entire TV series.
  13. Read a whole bunch of books.
  14. Started meditating.
  15. Significantly reduced my stress.
  16. Found a well of emotional strength I had no idea that I had.
  17. Learned to be ok being alone.