Favorite curse words, when asked on Inside the Actors Studio. Pretty fucking self-explanatory, as far as lists go
  1. Chris Rock: "Motherfucker"
    "My grandfather said motherfucker, my dad said motherfucker, I say motherfucker, someday my DAUGHTERS will say motherfucker"
  2. Betty White: "Son of a bitch"
    Betty White, National Treasure
  3. Tina Fey: "Shit balls"
  4. Jennifer Aniston: "Fuck"
  5. Cameron Diaz: "Cocksucker motherfucker yak dick"
  6. Drew Barrymore: "Fuck fuck fuck fuck"
  7. Christopher Walken: "Darn"
  8. James Caan: "You effing moron"
  9. Geena Davis: "Suck my dick."
    I always liked Geena Davis
  10. Naomi Watts: "Cunt"
    Ditto Naomi Watts
  11. Julie Bowen: "Cunt licker"
    WOW. Your move, Naomi Watts
  12. Julia Roberts: ""Fuck it all to hell"
  13. Clint Eastwood: "Jamph"
  14. Martin Short: "Poo"
  15. Gwyneth Paltrow: "Balls"
  16. Sean Penn: "!"
  17. Burt Reynolds: "Merde"
  18. Benicio del Toro: "Piss hell"
    Sigh, Benicio. This literally could be some kind of fucked up command, or his wedding vows to me in front of our friends and family, and I'd still be, like, I DO
  19. Whoopi Goldberg: "Shit"
  20. George Clooney: "Dipshit"
    A personal favorite. Surprisingly effective
  21. Diane Lane: "Goddamn motherfucker piece of shit"
  22. Meg Ryan: "Fuck me"
    Not to be confused, @jaidub and @gwcoffey, with "What are you saying, you took PITY on me? FUCK you"
  23. Laura Linney: "Fuckwad"
  24. Brad Pitt: "'s underused"*
    *marks first official use of "cock," "underused," and "Brad Pitt" in the same sentence
  25. Holly Hunter: "Cocksucker"
  26. Liam Neeson: "Dickhead"
  27. Anthony Quinn: "The end of "mother"
  28. Bette Midler: "Motherfucker"
  29. Nicholas Cage: "Horseshit"
  30. Danielle Radcliffe: "Bullocks"
  31. Jon Bon Jovi: "You piece of fuck"
  32. Liza Minelli: "Motherfucker cocksucker"
  33. Eddie Murphy: "Cunnilingus"
    Mm hmm. SURE it is
  34. Tom Cruise: "Holé"
  35. Helen Hunt: "Fuck me"
  36. Jay Leno: "Idiot"
    @angusisley there's a morita/leno/leatherface mashup list topic out there somewhere for you
  37. Richard Gere: "I don't curse"
    Get off my list, Richard Gere