I got a "not a euphemisms" list request from @michellemiller (since she knows they make up roughly 99% of my vernacular) but, in the spirit of Queen Martha herself, I wanna make it longer and harder (NOT A EUPHEMISM)
  1. the firecracker
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  2. grandma's peach cake
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  3. kennebunkport surprise
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  4. Open-faced tuna nicoise sandwich
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  5. donkey punch
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  6. red snapper hash
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  7. sour cherry clafoutis
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    @andycohen can confirm that martha knows her way around a clafoutis (and a threesome)
  8. alabama hot pocket
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  9. bloody orange maria
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  10. hot karl
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  11. trout grenobloise
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  12. kentucky klondike bar
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  13. turkey slap
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  14. maui mudslide
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  15. eskimo trebuchet
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