1. Stuffed animals
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    "HOW DARE YOU EMASCULATE MUDGIE" - my brother, to me ("How's that 34C working for you?" - me, to Mudgie)
  2. Actual animals
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    Namely Lando Calrissian Balboni (R.I.P.), whose reign as the world's most unwilling Superhero lasted a mere three hours before my Dad relieved him of his superhero obligations (LANDO I'M SO SORRY)
  3. (but maybe not totally sorry because, i mean, the CAPE)
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  4. Dolls
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  5. Jack O' Lanterns
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  6. Carly Fiorina
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  7. Peeps
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  8. My showerhead
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  9. Mannequins
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  10. R2D2 and C3P0
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  11. Ventriloquists' dummies
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  12. Cody the RoboSapien
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    I'm starting to question what my Netflix thinks about my taste in cinema (also, I just anthropomorphized Netflix)
  13. (I would kill to find out who had the bigger trailer: Cody or Penelope Ann Miller)
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  14. Muppets
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  15. Assorted edibles
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    "You and I are gonna have some alone time later"
  16. Greek statues
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  17. The Balto statue in Central Park
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  18. Portraits
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  19. My iPhone
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    "Why are you doing this to me"
  20. This Big Papi bobblehead
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  21. Garden gnomes
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  22. John Travolta's 2015 Academy Awards toupee
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  23. My late cat Owen
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    Primarily in song. For example: "Since u been gone, Owen can breathe for the first time" and "What is Owen doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?" and "Owen's a singular sensation, every little step O takes!" (Owen's primary caregiver @airlinem does not enjoy random texts telling him about new songs our former purrecious O has been squeezed into."
    Suggested by @theranman