It's gonna get ugly.
  1. Bulleit Rye
  2. The Godfather marathon on AMC
    Applies to all Holidays (see also: Friends)
  3. Anything and everything involving the word "crumble"
  4. This.
    @elinlamb, you WILL bring her to me
  5. gin gins
    I'll justify these by claiming inherent health benefits
  6. Cranberry sauce and stuffing
    Deadliest combination since movie popcorn and m&ms
  7. Self pity
  8. Google image searches of a young Paul Newman
    This never gets old
  9. Brigham's peppermint stick ice cream
    my kryptonite
  10. Other people's inevitably hilarious/poignant/heartbreaking/amazing lists
    I'm already consistently floored by so many people on here, so my guess is that Holidays + The List App + you guys = me laughing/crying/feeling real empathy and a kinship with friends and strangers alike
  11. Apologies for the treacly aside, lemme make it up to you with this FACE
    Also, Paul would never judge me for the use of "treacly aside"
  12. Bulleit Rye and Brigham's Peppermint Stick ice cream
  13. The brandy and preserve filled chocolates my brother and I made for our father a couple months ago
    If it's still there, I'll start with the one of my dog Lando (RIP) drinking out of the toilet (it just seems appropriate)
  14. Bulleit Rye, Brigham's peppermint stick ice cream, and anything involving crumble
    This is when things start to take a dark turn
  15. Anything in the cabinet directly above the microwave
    Roughly half of the entire Cambridge Whole Foods baked goods section resides here
  16. Bulleit Rye, Brigham's Peppermint Stick ice cream, anything involving crumble, Godfather marathon
    fuck it.
  17. Rescue remedy drops
    Particularly handy for the day i see my mother. Pondering sending a stash home to keep in case of emergencies (unless @michellemiller has depleted the world's supply, in which case she will be responsible for what happens when bulleit rye is forced to take its place)
  18. Seriously, though.
  19. Bulleit Rye, Brigham's Peppermint Stick ice cream, anything involving crumble, Godfather marathon, everyone else's lists
    Is there a Cloud nine emoji?
  20. TUMS.