1. The reminder to schedule my next haircut
  2. The opportunity to quote "Best in Show"
    "We're going to be in Philadephia for forty. eight. hours. How many tea ceremonies can you do?"
  3. The Owen Wilson sightings
  4. The view
  5. The reminder to up my personal Glam Squad game
  6. The opportunity to smuggle in this flask
    Dogs live for Bret Michaels
  7. The hot bitches
  8. The grooming tips
  9. The manicure tips
  10. The ponytail tips
  11. The napping tips
  12. The how to play coy tips
  13. The posture tips
  14. The chance to reflect on the upcoming election
  15. Still reflecting
  16. The tiny butts
    (not applicable to the upcoming election)
  17. The chance to make some new friends
  18. The reminder that the NYC dating scene could be worse
  19. The closeups on the big screen
  20. This sweetie pie
  21. This and everything about this
  22. The unconditional love