1. My first and middle names are Jessica Grace
  2. My mum wanted to name me loads of crazy things
    Like Isolda and Xanthe and Cleo but my dad said no
  3. I was going to be called Kiera or Lauren
    Kiera after the founder of the Labour Party (lol)
  4. Then I was born 10 weeks early
    My mum couldn't see me the first few hours after I was born so my dad went and told my mum I didn't look like a Kiera or a Lauren
  5. So they decided on Jessica
    It was first used in Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice, which I think is pretty cool
  6. They always knew Grace was the middle name
    Because they love the meaning of the word Grace and I think it's beautiful
  7. Most people don't call me Jessica though
    Mostly Jess or if I'm close to people or I've known them a long time Jessie
  8. Personally I love my name
    Hope you enjoyed reading this