The top 10 worst things to fill a piñata with.
  1. Steel.
    Piñata would never be broken.
  2. Taco Meat.
    While sticking with the mexican theme, can get very messy.
  3. Raisins.
    Very disapointing for the kids
  4. Tu-Pac & Biggie
    While giving them time alone to work out their friendship would be good, hitting them inside a piñata would not.
  5. Blood.
    Could scare children.
  6. A Trump Presidency.
    Could scare adults.
  7. Bread Crumbs.
    Only good if you're throwing a party for ducks.
  8. A Bomb.
    Everyone would die.
  9. Small Children.
    You could go to jail.
  10. Bees.
    Need I say more?