All the ways Loren loves me

  1. Tonight, by making a special air conditioner just for me
    Our air conditioner is busted. It's 92 degrees inside the house. It's the hottest week of the year. I have a migraine. Without making a fuss about it, Loren Macgyver-ed a bucket, some ice, a cardboard box, and a small fan into a personal paradise. He presented it to me in the dark living room, our sweet dog in tow, the cool air like manna to my mouth.
  2. By putting me and this little lady first
    Via treats, back scratches, nice walks, drives with the windows down, by sharing (almost all) of the bed.
  3. By saying "yes" to everything.
    Pizza delivered so I don't have to cook, a trip to the city just to stand in the fog, whale watching in Monterrey (spoiler alert: we both got seasick), playing Pictionary with my whole silly family at the beach each June...
  4. By being so happy every day
    Those smiles are infectious.
  5. By being my very biggest fan
    No matter what, no matter when; in work, in love, in life, in line at the grocery store, in getting my jokes, in getting me a cool glass of water, in times when I'm so nervous, or so happy, or so tired, or so excited; just always.
  6. By being my most favorite copilot for the whole rest of our lives ❤️
    Get in the car— the adventure is just about to start