Spoiler alert: @supercommonname is fantastic. (Her lists give that away, but she's even better in person!)
  1. The night before your Friend Date, meet your lister via the comments section of a third listers list (with open suggestions) because her suggestion is great and reminds you of who you were fifteen years ago.
  2. Just wantonly list your phone number in the comments. Hope a nice lister texts you.
  3. Burn your dinner because you're so excited about scheduling your meetup twelve hours from now that everything you're doing falls away.
    RIP Shepherd's Pie.
  4. Plan your outfit the night before like you're going on a date, even though you are married and you're really going to make a new friend.
    (Fingers crossed!)
  5. Desperately try to explain to your husband what Li.st is. You've tried many times before, but maybe this time will be different?
  6. This time is not different.
  7. Arrive late.
    It's okay! Jen is late too!
  8. Enjoy delicious cool drinks, the smell of books, Barnes & Noble's air conditioning, and great conversation with @supercommonname, or the li.ster of your choice.
    It's so nice, just honestly wonderful and nice; couldn't be better. Y'all need to get together. Let me know when and where— I'll bring cookies. (Or if @kcupcaker is coming, cupcakes, duh.)
  9. @bjnovak, Li.st is amazing. We've all started construction on the altars to you in our living rooms.
    Sometimes I don't believe this place is real— to a person, everyone has a lovely heart, a way with words, new things to teach each other; this community, it's the very best.
  10. Thank you @supercommonname, today was wonderful 💜💜💜