Complete with reactions in 5 words or less
  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Did Han know?
  2. Joy
    Lawrence, DeNiro, Cooper trifecta
  3. Room
    Wow, wow, wow. Jacob!
  4. The Danish Girl
    Alicia deserved the Oscar
  5. Rams
    Beautiful story from Iceland
  6. Miracles from Heaven
    Jennifer Garner equals heroism
  7. Zootopia
    I fell asleep
  8. Living in the Age of Airplanes
    Great documentary; shipping flowers
  9. Eye in the Sky
    War stinks; Farewell Alan Rickman
  10. Keanu
    Wished it was funnier
  11. Jungle Book
    Bill Murray!
  12. The Nice Guys
    More Russell and Ryan movies!
  13. Minimalism: A Documentary
    Refreshing antidote to needless consumerism
  14. Me Before You
    True to the book
  15. The Man Who Knew Infinity
    Love Math; Dev Patel amazing
  16. Genius
    Great books require patient editors
  17. Star Trek Beyond
    Disappointed; underused villain; farewell Anton
  18. Florence Foster Jenkins
    Sometimes painful to watch
  19. Our Little Sister
    Gentle Japanese tale
  20. Up for Love
    Cute French film; great soundtrack
  21. The Light Between Oceans
    As heartbreaking as the book
  22. Life, Animated
    Captivating; admired this family
  23. Sully
    Missed accurate timeline of investigation
  24. The Magnificent Seven
    Better than fair; original better
  25. Snowden
    What would I have done?
  26. The Accountant
    Too violent for me
  27. Doctor Strange
    Sherlock wears a cape
  28. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    Swept up by magic; Ezra!
  29. Manchester
    Well acted portrait of grief
  30. Lion
    Bring tissues; Dev is golden
  31. La La Land
    Magical, sweet, tender
  32. Arrival
    Heptapods; must see again